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the house of RD Traders.

We are a family-run business manufacturing and distributors of sewing thread in Tiruppur, the garment hub of India and a place we are proud to hail. Our Mill is supported by a passionate team of professionals and we have been operating since 1991.
This doesn't mean that we get stuck in the past. Our constant investments in technology allow us to work on the modern technology of manufacturing sewing threads.
Whether working on the design, planning production, or managing our customers' project, we understand the nuance of producing threads very well. We are with our customers every step of the way until the finished products. We understand the importance of sourcing to you and your customers, and we want to develop quality products.
Needless to say that our product you see bears the 100% Oeko-Tex Standard Class 1 Certificate products, which means you are in good hands and are looking at one of the safest sewing threads available in the market.
Our Product
Spun Polyester Thread
Our company is known as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of spun polyester sewing thread in Tiruppur. We produce some of the highest quality spun polyester dyed thread in various lengths and colours.
Our Product
Core Spun Polyester
These threads are the most sought after for demanding sewing applications, from fine tops that are subject to seam, folds to saggy, or crushed denim products that undergo sandblasting.
Our Product
Texturized Polyester
We are committed to creating innovative sewing threads for our buyers and help them open up important niches in today's competitive market. By producing high-quality textured polyester, we continue to push the boundaries to better our products.
Our Product
RFD Cotton Thread
RD Thread is a premium mercerized cotton thread specially designed for dyed/bleached/PFD garments. The long-staple cotton fibre yarn is diluted and processed with high gloss tension, which gives the dye excellent strength and affinity. It is the perfect choice for sewing cotton garments that need to be adjusted/dyed.
Our Product
Industrial Sewing Thread
RD Threads has immense experience helping various textile, sewing, industrial and specialty manufacturers solve their toughest sewing challenges.

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