Spun Polyester Thread
Our company is known as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of spun polyester sewing thread in Tiruppur. We produce some of the highest quality spun polyester dyed thread in various lengths and colours. If you are looking for a quality and economical wholesale spun polyester threads, please contact us. We present two different areas of dyed spun polyester like 2-10s spun polyester thread, and 10s spun polyester.
RD threads can have the advantage of reducing breakage when sewing at high speed. High resistance to abrasion; Constant seam formation; no skipped stitches; Uniformity to avoid changes in tension when sewing; Sufficient smooth surface; easily passes through the machine guides; High colour fastness; Complies with Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class 1.
Garment industry prefer RD threads for their lower downtime, increased productivity, and consistent sewing performance.
Core Spun Polyester
These threads are the most sought after for demanding sewing applications, from fine tops that are subject to seam, folds to saggy, or crushed denim products that undergo sandblasting.
All of our threads are available in various colours and have been carefully selected for their quality and performance under test conditions. Order this high quality polyester thread in any quantity. We want to keep it simple and always make sure our prices are competitive.
Excellent tenacity, high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance, uniformity and good appearance, minimize seam skipping, high productivity, minimize seam folds, high colour retention, confirms to Oeko Tex Standard. The thread, not only improves the appearance of the sewn product, but also can greatly improve the productivity and performance of the sewing production line.
Texturized Polyester
We are committed to creating innovative sewing threads for our buyers and help them open up important niches in today's competitive market. By producing high-quality textured polyester, we continue to push the boundaries to better our products.
We offer our customers textured polyester in all combinations and permutations. The thread produced are by set combining, blended, wavy, and interlaced type in a semi-matte finish. To ensure the highest quality standard all quality control parameters are regularly monitored without being stopped by computer-aided quality control machines.
Main Advantages:
  • Economically
  • Excellent stitch coverage with small threads.
  • High elongation leads to elasticity of the seams for stretch fabrics.
  • Good seam resistance and good colour lifespan after repeated washings for maximum durability.
Applications :
  • T-shirts, fleece and underwear
  • Base thread in multi-needle machines, overlock and closure stitches for socks and underwear.
  • Towels, tablecloths, box springs, bedspreads, pillow cases and swimsuits
  • Heavy Binding fabric, thread Layering, top cover thread
  • Binding and sewing
RFD Cotton Thread
RD Thread is a premium mercerized cotton thread specially designed for dyed/bleached/PFD garments. The long-staple cotton fibre yarn is diluted and processed with high gloss tension, which gives the dye excellent strength and affinity. It is the perfect choice for sewing cotton garments that need to be adjusted/dyed.
All the yarns have been devised and produced in standard knitting weights like 2ply and 3ply. Most of the yarn is available by the hank to allow independent dyers or garment industry to dye and weave their product.
Industrial Sewing Thread
RD Threads has immense experience helping various textile, sewing, industrial and specialty manufacturers solve their toughest sewing challenges.
Our thread offers a variety of proven industrial sewing threads at competitive prices. We are proud to say that our industrial sewing thread is ideal for sewing durable fabrics, curtains, upholstery, heavy clothing, vinyl, leather, and canvas. Our threads are very strong, abrasion resistant and economical.
We only use the best raw materials for our production. Our finished thread is thoroughly tested for strength and sewing ability.
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